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Quality Custom and Stock Packaging & Dispensing Options Injection Molding • Extrusion Blow Molding • Injection Blow Molding • Injection Stretch Blow Molding

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Dropper Assemblies Wholesale

Nutraceuticals Comar can design and develop custom packaging solutions for all of your powders, shakes, gummies and supplements. View Product

Plastic Bottles Wholesale

Bottles Whether the product is liquid or dry fill, there is a Comar standard or custom-designed bottle to meet your needs. View Product

Dropper Assemblies Wholesale

Dropper Assembles A dependable way to dispense liquids ranging from cosmetic skin care products to water for laboratory testing. View Product

Wholesale Oral Syringe Systems

Oral Syringe Systems Comar offers a full line of liquid oral dispensers and accessories that provide unparalleled safety and accuracy. View Product

Printed Dosage Cups Wholesale

Printed Dosage Cups Our AccuCup is imprinted with easy-to-read lines on the outside to increase dosing accuracy. View Product

Total dispensing systems

Total Dispensing Systems Comar has a variety of total dispensing systems ready to go! View Product

Packaging Closures, Tips & Adapters

Closures, Tips & Adapters Closures, drop tips, and adapters are great for a variety of dispensing and storage applications. View Product

  • Nutraceuticals Nutraceuticals
  • Plastic Bottles Bottles
  • Plastic Dropper Assemblies Dropper Assemblies
  • Plastic Oral Syringe System Oral Syringe System
  • Plastic Printed Dosage Cups Printed Dosage Cups
  • Total dispensing systems Total Dispensing Systems
  • Plastic Closures Tips & Adapters Closures Tips & Adapters
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- Packaging Solutions for Markets Demanding Quality, Service, and Creativity -

  • Health & Medical Packaging Solutions

    Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness Providing standard and custom packaging solutions for prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare products is what we do best. Our packaging is used for creams, solids, and liquid medications, including oral and topical products for both human and animal health. Learn More About Our Products

  • Specialty Foods We use engineered preforms specific to each bottle. Our experience includes food-related projects involving hot fill, glass-to-PET conversion, and light-weighting. We are regularly audited for food safety by numerous customers. Learn More About Our Products

    Packaging for Specialty Foods

    Specialty Foods

  • Household & Industrial Packaging Solutions

    Household & Industrial

    Household & Industrial For decades, Comar has excelled at producing items for the household and industrial specialty markets. Our products range from canisters for household and automotive wipes, to oil bottles for use across a spectrum of two and four-stroke equipment, to baffles and blow tubes for power equipment. Learn More About Our Products

  • Personal Care Personal Care The world’s leading cosmetics companies choose our bottles, fitments, dropper assemblies, and custom packaging for their make-up, perfume, hair and nail care, skin care, and dermatological products. Learn More About Our Products

    Personal Care & Beauty Packaging

    Personal Care

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Can You Recycle That? All Seven Plastic Labels, Explained!

07.12.2016 Any company that manufactures plastic containers will tell you that plastic product packaging is a huge industry. Take a look around your home and notice all of the plastic products,... Read More

The Facts about PET Containers

06.08.2016 PET is a kind of plastic commonly used in plastic containers for packaging soft drinks, cosmetics, household cleaners, peanut butter, salad dressings, and other food and non-food products. PET is... Read More

New DoseGuard® Helps Liquid Medication Manufacturers Comply with FDA Safety by Design Guidance

06.07.2016 Proven to deliver liquid medicines more accurately while guarding against accidental overdose, Comar announces design update that allows easier integration with existing packaging lines BUENA, NJ – Comar, a leading... Read More

An ‘awesome opportunity to help make medications safer’

06.03.2016 My first exposure to the joint effort between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) that later became known as PROTECT was... Read More

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