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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin


TPI-Three is the set of principles guiding how work is accomplished at Comar. The TPI-Three mindset and set of methods drives our daily thoughts and activities, moving Comar toward operational excellence across the organization.

TPI-Three stands for Total Process Improvement, which is accomplished through three areas of focus and three methodologies for seizing opportunities for improvement. TPI-Three is guided by DMAIC data-driven problem solving tools and quality expectations of Six Sigma, and is practiced every day using Lean Thinking tools.

All Comar employees receive formal training in TPI-Three methodology.

Area of Focus


  • External customers are the reason Comar exists. We always consider what the customer values, and how our actions might impact that value.
  • Our ability to provide products and services to external customers is tied to our ability to effectively manage internal customer-supplier relationships. Our thoughts and actions should focus on how we can meet the expectations of the internal customer, person, or department downstream.


  • Operational excellence requires a robust, controllable, and efficient process.
  • We will design our processes to strive toward zero defects.
  • We will design effective and efficient processes that add value for Comar and our customers, always asking: “Does this action eliminate waste and/or create value?”


  • Our vision and mission require uncompromising, yet affordable quality.
  • Without the highest levels of customer-focused quality, we put ourselves, our customers, and end users at risk.
  • Doing It Right the First Time — We should always consider actions we can take to error-proof our operation. The best way to control defects is to not make them. Focus on making it or doing it right the first time.
Methodology for Seizing Opportunities (Solving Problems)

Systematic Approach

  • We should all be working toward the same goals through clear organizational alignment of the “what” and “how.”
  • We should always think through problems in a logical, structured fashion.
  • We need to be mindful of taking shortcuts.

Use and Analysis of Facts and Data

  • We will always define problems and support ideas and solutions with accurate facts and data.
  • We will analyze and understand our data to create more meaningful decisions. It is essential that we truly understand what it is telling us.

The Right Tools for the Job

  • We must ask ourselves, “What problem-solving tools can we use to tackle the issue at hand?”
  • Right Size Everything — We should use the right tool(s) for the particular situation, being sure that we use them properly.
  • We recognize that Comar employees are a valuable resources whose insight and perspective are required for success. The tools we utilize are only as good as the people who apply them.
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