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Relatively few companies can boast that over 25% of their workforce has remained with them for more than 20 years. Comar can.

Ask any Comar employee what makes their job rewarding, and chances are the answer will include mention of respect, teamwork, and the opportunity to make a difference. That’s a testament to the emphasis Comar places on empowering each individual to contribute to the organization. When you join Comar, we invest in your future because your success is our success.

Chetana Patel Technical Administrator Buena, NJ “I started with Comar as a temporary employee in 2009. I was soon hired as a full-time Machine Operator and then promoted to Set-Up Operator in our Dosage Cup room. When a need arose for someone to train to back-up our production clerk, I jumped at the chance. Comar always gives me opportunities to grow.

Today, I am the Technical Administrator for our Engineering Team. There are many things I enjoy about working at Comar but I especially enjoy the fellowship I have with my coworkers. They make the job fun and they are always willing to help. I see my coworkers as my extended family. Comar celebrates our individuality and provides a special place to build a career.”

Elba Cotto Production Planner Cayey, Puerto Rico “I began as a receptionist at Comar but was quickly promoted to a Sales and Customer Service position. I have developed a variety of skills at Comar and am now a Production Planner, focused on making sure our customers get their products on time, every time.

Comar has given me a positive, stable platform on which to build my career. I like everything I do! Not only have I been able to learn, I’ve been able to contribute to the growth of the organization. Among our team, respect is Number 1. We support one another because working as a team helps us satisfy our customers.”

Tom Sine Business Systems Manager Buena, NJ “I started my Comar career as an intern while attending college. Upon graduation, I was offered a full-time opportunity. Advancing my career came easy thanks to management’s support; providing mentoring, training, and encouragement to help me meet my career goals.

Today, I mentor and train others. Connecting with people, listening to their challenges, and helping to provide the knowledge and tools they need to work smarter is very rewarding. One of the things I most enjoy about Comar is change! Comar’s focus on continuous improvement means continuous change, which motivates me to be an influencer.

Why are the quality and accuracy of our products important to me? Because not only do I work for Comar, but I am also a customer. The products I use at home to deliver medicine to my own children are manufactured where I work.”

Benjamin Singer Regional Sales Manager Buena, NJ “I’ve been a Regional Sales Manager since I came to Comar. People ask why I have stayed with the company for so long. That’s an easy question to answer: Because Comar has great people, great products and great customers. And with acquisitions, new product launches, and a fast-paced family atmosphere, my job is never boring. It’s been my pleasure to stay at Comar. We’ve always worked as a team to achieve corporate goals; there were no superstars. I never would have succeeded in sales without the tremendous support of others.”

Jason Ecclestone Logistics Manager Sheboygan, WI “What do I like about Comar? Being part of an organization that values continuous improvement; the focus on growth and recognition of team members who take initiative; and the freedom to implement new ideas.”

Vee Yang Operator Sheboygan, WI “The third shift cooperates very well with cleaning and helping at the end of the shift. Our supervisor helps keep operators on schedule or on check.”

Tracy Sabrowsky Supervisor Sheboygan, WI “Two of the things I like the most about Comar are the diverse customer base and the variety of products we make. We have taken ideas from customers and turned them into the product they envisioned. We work with them to ensure that the product they receive lives up to our high standards and their satisfaction. Our quick response to quality issues is also a big asset. I am proud to be a part of this team.”

Melissa Young Lead Utility/Safety Hoschton, GA “I take great pride in coordinating and enforcing safety policies here at Comar.”

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