A Proven Partner
in Medical

We have a reputation for providing expertly molded solutions for complex and highly regulated medical applications including devices, diagnostics and drug delivery.

Medically Minded,
with a Focus on You

Front End Design Optimization

Partnering with your team, Comar excels in front end design, from ideation through Design Optimization to ensure your products are industry compliant, durable and cost-effective.

Proactive Program Management

We manage your project or program from concept to commercialization with a single point of contact to ensure you get the information you need quickly and efficiently, thereby minimizing project risks and delays.

Cavity Pressure Monitoring

Our Cavity Pressure Monitoring system allows us to record real-time outputs as parts are being molded and eliminate errors earlier, ensuring consistently great quality, cost savings and an accelerated time to market.

High-Volume Automation

Our ability to incorporate high volume automation means higher output and increased productivity for your project.

Application Specific

We take our commitment to customization to the next level by configuring our application specific cleanrooms to your unique specifications and needs.

Transfer Tooling Program

Our Transfer Tooling Programs are proven to seamlessly transition your already bustling project from one place to another. A dedicated program team oversees the entire transition process to keep your production downtime to a minimum.

Ensuring the Highest
Levels of Quality Production