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5 Reasons The Creative Brief Is Critical To Custom Packaging Design

March 22, 2018

In this day and age, it takes a little something extra to really stand out from your competitors on crowded grocery store or pharmacy shelves, no matter how big your brand name is. That ‘something extra’ is an expertly designed and well-thought-out custom packaging design creative brief.

While consumers will rarely ponder the process your company went through to arrive at the packaging design they hold in their hand, they will naturally reach for a product that offers a more attractive and fundamentally functional package than one that is bland or clunky.

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.” – Lindon Leader

The efficacy of custom packaging design relies heavily on the creativity that went into it. Or, more specifically, the creative brief that came before the design itself. In modern industrial design, the creative brief serves as a foundation for the overall function of the proposed packaging design and is deeply rooted in well-researched consumer reactions.

We’d like to dig into the realities behind how effective your creative brief can be in creating a great custom packaging design for your next product launch.

Here are 5 reasons the creative brief is critical to custom packaging design:

 1. Provides Audience Clarity
As a company, you intimately understand your ideal audience and what they are looking for in your product. Right?

The reality is that consumers are often mercurial and their desires can change from product to product. That’s where a detailed creative brief and the related data to support it come in.

Developing a solid brief often starts with what your audience wants, or what you think they want. But, often in performing in-depth market research, you may find that your current persona is lacking that certain something. Digging deeper into the supportive data helps outline who your customer is, what they want in a product like yours, and how they intend to use that product.

2. Defines Packaging Objectives
Once you understand the unique needs and goals of your consumer, the overall objective of your packaging must be addressed to best serve those needs.

During the course of developing a creative brief, you will likely pour over tons of research related to the technical aspect of your custom packaging design that gives you unique insight into the best way to resolve your packaging objectives.

Some of these items may be:

  • Various packaging material integrity and how it relates to the intended use
  • Potential safety concerns and solutions
  • Overall production demands

3. Outlines Competitive Problems & Solutions
A creative brief often dives into competitive analysis to figure out what your competition is currently doing right or wrong in the market, and then formulate how to beat them at the game through advanced custom packaging solutions.

Our IDworks™ team, the custom packaging design experts at Comar, will leverage a strong manufacturing background to deliver not only a creative package design but also consider manufacturing and logistics best practices to keep you ahead of the competition.

4. Simplifies Production & Development
Having a solid plan moving forward allows custom packaging production and development to 
move much more quickly and smoothly. Plus, understanding your needs can help you take full advantage of agile practices and 3D rapid prototyping processes.


5. Reduces Time to Market
Going into production with a working blueprint of precisely what you want and need to get out of the finished product exponentially reduces time to market by reducing the need for multiple iterations and excessive rounds of consumer testing.

It also reduces the overall margin for error greatly as you’ve done your research and made sure that all of the data was accurate and applicable to your product and its intended uses.

What’s Next?
Now that you understand the importance of a creative brief for your custom packaging design, how do you leverage it when working with an innovation design firm like Comar?

Well, Comar is a unique entity in that we not only manufacture the end product, but our expert design team also works with you to develop your custom packaging design from day one. We take the time to obtain an in-depth understanding of your overall packaging objectives and business strategy, which sets the foundation for a successful product launch.

Comar IDworks™ Team helps you with:

  • Defining your overall product packaging needs
  • Packaging ideation and iteration processes
  • Design and development, including 3D rapid prototyping
  • Prototype optimization
  • Manufacturing and final distribution methods

In our experience, companies that work with design firms that do not yet have manufacturing
experience often deliver designs or design briefs that do not translate to proper manufacturing
processes and methods. Or, in essence, they’re not manufacturable.

Working with IDworks™ means that you are able to leverage the extensive production expertise
of a manufacturing company with the unique design mindset of a design firm. Get in touch with us today!

Need a little help getting creative design brief laid out? The IDWorks Team will work directly with you to develop a strong creative brief that ticks all the necessary boxes and ensures the perfect custom packaging design in no time.

Or, if you’d rather tackle the creative brief on your own, here are a couple of handy
resources to help get you started:

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