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Kids These Days: Teens Launch Startup Making Board Shorts From Plastic

August 31, 2015

Any custom plastic molding company that manufactures plastic packaging of any kind knows how important it is to encourage sustainability projects. Custom product packaging manufacturers can do their part for the environment by stepping up their internal recycling efforts, promoting green-production techniques, and participating in green initiatives like the Carbon Disclosure Project. In fact, among all industries, recycling is highest among plastic containers and packaging companies, totaling 39.9% of all recycling.

Fair Harbor Clothing lookbook - Long Beach

Fair Harbor Clothing as shot by Olivia Rogers (

And although some environmentalists might complain about plastic products that end up in ecosystems, consumers almost universally demand plastic containers, especially those that extend the shelf life of food and drink. Not only that, but custom plastic containers like child-proof packaging help protect human life.

And although companies that produce plastic containers must do their part to encourage sustainability, it’s equally important for consumers to do the same. Which is why it’s so important to celebrate young people like siblings Jake and Caroline Danehy. This brother-sister duo from Westchester, NY started Fair Harbor Clothing, which produces stylish board shorts from recycled plastic containers. They say 11 plastic bottles produce one pair of their swim shorts. The siblings teamed up with family friend Sam Jacobson, who helped find a plastic container recycling company to work with.

Group Shot Fair Harbor

From left to right: Jake Danehy, Caroline Danehy, Sam Jacobson – photographed by Paige Danehy

“Sam got to see, from start to finish, the process that our board shorts go through — from tiny strands of recycled polyester thread to the durable, peach-face polyester fabric,” said Caroline Danehy. “He visited the weaving, dying, printing, and finishing factories to see the current process in action and to learn more about what future developments we could adopt. We tested different fabric blends, alternate dyes, and new fabric-testing options.”

The environmentally friendly company launched this summer on the Fourth of July in their hometown, which eagerly supported the fledgling startup. So far, they say they’ve sold enough to begin work on a new line, which will be released just before Spring Break 2016.

Young people and startups like this are finding exciting new ways to “upcycle” plastic containers, which helps divert them from ending up in the ocean. Remember: everyone should do their part to help recycle plastic containers, keeping them out of our precious ecosystems.

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