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October 24, 2019

Read stories from Comar (Buena Plant) employees
whose lives have been affected by the products
manufactured in our own facility.

Story submitted by:
Jason Selby, Set-up Mechanic and Crew Leader, Cup & COD Dept., and Proud Father of Two

Meet Weston Selby

September 25, 2013 my son Weston was born. The birth was anything but ordinary, consequently my son was born with multiple disabilities and illnesses.

Two years ago my son had to undergo a Kidney transplant, my wife was the donor. Daily we are required to administer auto-immune suppression medication along with many other medications, that keep his body from rejecting the transplant as well as keeping his symptoms to a minimum.

My family uses PIBA’s to draw all of his medications. This product keeps us from spilling or losing vital medications. Everyday I work here, I feel like I am doing something special for my son who has fought for 6 years now. The products we make here have been vital to him receiving medications that if left without would result in a life threatening issue. Comar is part of my life not just in employment but in the most special aspect of my life, my kids.

“Thanks to everyone in my COMAR family that makes it happen everyday changing lives, and giving families like mine the chance to have a life and create memories.”

Jason Selby


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