Bulb Top Round Bottles

Bulb Top Round Bottles 1
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Detail Image
Item Family Bottle Type Bottle Style Bottle Capacity Overflow Capacity Neck Finish Height (in/mm) Diameter (in/mm) Resin
61-0031 Decanter Bulb Top Decanter 24 oz 25.9 oz 28-400 7.991/202.971 3.420/86.868 HDPE
7001-C Decanter Bulb Top Decanter 32 oz 33.5 oz 28-410 10.000/254.000 3.370/85.598 HDPE

Our Bulb Top Round bottle line includes standard sizes 24 oz and 32 oz sizes in HDPE, which are typically used as sprayer bottles. Custom colors, materials, and mold designs are available by request.

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Looking for a custom solution? Our highly experienced and professional team of Design Engineers and Operations staff will work with your unique requirements to design, develop, and manufacture custom bottles and closures that meet your specific needs!


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