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When Liquid Dispensing Accuracy, Convenience and Safety Really Matter...(when don't they!)

Comar Oral DispenserWith just two remarkably ingenious pieces of plastic, Comar has rendered the traditional three-piece design obsolete forever. Introducing The Comar Oral Dispenser®.

Available in 20mL, 10 mL, 5 mL, 3 mL, 1 mL and 0.5mL sizes, the Comar Oral Dispenser is designed to meet the demanding needs of safety, ease of use and accuracy of dose. We’ve eliminated the traditional rubber grommet on the end of the plunger tip and replaced it with a *patented wiper design that is molded right into the tip of the plunger. This eliminates a choking hazard and siliconized rubber parts that could contaminate your product. The unique wiper design provides a smooth, nonstick feel that makes it easy to use. See below for a detailed look at all of the features & benefits of the COD.

** Our Oral Dispenser Line now includes an additional Print Feature called the "PCD" line (patient care dispenser) which is the same great product with a new Finer Line Calibration offering. This product line is targeted more to the hospital and pharmacy markets. Ask any one of our Inside Sales Team for samples.   


To provide the highest quality product, the Comar Oral Dispensers are all vision inspected for dosing line and printing accuracy. We also pressure test each oral dispenser to make sure the seal between the plunger and barrel is 100% secure.


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Features & Benefits

> Calibration Lines 100% Vision Inspected for increased Dosing Accuracy
> Tested, Approved and Used by Major Pharmaceutical Companies
> One-Piece Plunger - Patented Wiper Design
- Reduced Risk of Choking Hazard
- Reduced Risk of Product Contamination
> 360° 2-Color Artwork
- Cost Effective, Easy Customization
- Print Logo or Custom Graphics
- Custom Calibration Lines for your Product
- Easily Print Instructions or Messages
> Reusable and Dishwasher Safe
- Seal Integrity and Printing Maintained with Multiple Cleanings
> Compliant with USP27 <661> for Extractables
> Reduced Risk of Product Contamination

Comar Oral Dispenser® Accessories & Options

Oral Dispenser Sizes
Multiple Sizes (0.5mL, 1mL, 3mL, 5mL, 10mL & 20mL)

Press-In Bottle Adapters
Press-In Bottle Adapters (20mm, 24mm, 28mm & 33mm)

Tip Caps and Tip Stands
Tip Caps & Stands (Convenient for Prefilling)

2-color Printing on the Comar Oral Dispenser
360° 2-Color Artwork/Printing (Custom Printing)

Colored Plungers and Barrels
Colored Plungers or Barrels (Blue, Green, Red & Yellow in Stock)

UV Oral Dispensers
Amber Barrels (Protection for UV Sensitive Contents)


Comar Oral Dispensers can be used for a Variety of Applications

Pharmaceutical Market

Veterinary Market

Personal Care Market