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We offer a variety of stock and made-to-order primary packaging and dispensing solutions with in-house capabilities to design something new if you can’t find what you need.

a group of HDPE and PET packers from Comar


PET and HDPE wide-mouth packers offered in a broad range of sizes for pharmaceuticals, vitamins and nutritional supplements in pill, tablet, or gummy form.

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set of pet and hdpe jars


Extensive line of PET wide-mouth and PP single-, thick-, and double-wall jars for the food, nutraceuticals, cannabis, personal care, and beauty markets.

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a group of HDPE plastic canisters from Comar


HDPE threaded and snap-top wipe canisters with matching closures for storing and dispensing food products, supplement powders, wet wipes and towels.

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Comar's dropper assemblies lined up

Dropper Assemblies

Glass and plastic dropper assemblies with expansive customization capabilities for healthcare, nutritional supplements, personal care and beauty applications.

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dosage cups and spoons

Dosage Cups and Spoons

Printed and embossed dosage cups and spoons for accurate dosing of pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter liquid medications.

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comar's dropper squeeze bottle in a lineup

Dropper Squeeze Bottles

Squeezable plastic bottles designed to be matched with a selection of dropper tips and caps to make a controlled droplet dispensing system for exact microdosing.

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a group of plastic oral syringes from Comar

Oral Syringes

Full line of two-piece syringes and accessories for safe, accurate, and reliable oral dispensing of liquids and suspensions.

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comar's caps and closures lined up


Comprehensive selection of continuous thread and child-resistant caps and closures featuring lined, unlined, and linerless options and a portfolio of wipe canister lids.

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a group of fitments and adapters from Comar

Fitments & Adapters

Assortment of dropper tip fitments, press-in bottle adapters, stoppers, and sealing discs that add functionality to your package.

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a group of plastic containers from Comar

More Bottles

Plastic containers and bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes for packaging of personal care, home and garden, food and beverage products in a liquid or emulsion form.

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Comar Custom products

Custom Solutions

Our highly experienced Innovation and Design Team will work with your unique requirements to design, develop, and manufacture a packaging or dispensing solution that meets your distinct needs!

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