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Limitless Solutions, From a Single Source

Our expertise in robust secondary processes, ranging from manual to high-speed fully automated assembly, gives us the flexibility to reliably produce subassemblies and finished devices for projects of every size, scope, and complexity.

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Our engineers and automation specialists combine their expertise with our post-molding capabilities to produce high-quality, cost-effective parts, components, and devices. We aggressively pursue the newest equipment and techniques so that every solution we propose is unconstrained by technical limitations. Leveraging our competency from manual to fully automated assembly, you can partner with us as a single-source supplier with no need to transfer to a new supplier when you are ready to scale up production.

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Manual Assembly

Our manual assembly capabilities enable us to provide customers with a range of solutions, from subassemblies to finished devices. The manual assembly of components and devices allows you to reduce risk during design, development, and process verification and is most effective when implemented as support for your prelaunch or early-stage low-volume needs, prior to scaling up. It is also well suited to devices with specific geometries that do not lend themselves well to automation.

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Robotics and Press-Side Automation

To achieve significant labor cost reductions, we implement extensive robotic integration in our manufacturing work cells. Our robots handle repetitive tasks like part removal, placement, and conveyance between process steps, eliminating human handling, human error, and contamination concerns.

We can also utilize one or more press-side operations to reduce or remove workflow steps. This type of automation includes downstream secondary processes that refine the workpiece, such as trimming, welding, and decorating.

automated medical assembly machine

Fully Automated Assembly

For customers with high volume throughput needs, we offer application-specific, fully automated assembly and packaging solutions. Our automation technologies include continuous, indexing, and asynchronous motion assembly platforms featuring the latest mechanical, pneumatic, and robotic assembly innovations, with robust inspection and process control operations. In addition, we routinely design and operate high-speed, multicomponent manufacturing cells that produce assemblies and devices from resin to pack out without human intervention. Our expertise also includes the integration of multiple molding technologies into a single automated production line.

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Secondary and Finishing Processes

Besides assembly, we offer other valuable post-molding processes, including the following:

  • Decoration (including hot stamping and pad, offset, and laser printing)
  • Laser trimming
  • Corona treatment
  • Solvent and UV bonding
  • Ultrasonic and laser welding
  • Heat staking
  • Crimping
  • In-line vision inspection
  • High-speed leak detection
  • Siliconization
  • Functional testing
  • Kit packaging
  • Finished packaging

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Accelerate your medical momentum with a single source for fully integrated manufacturing solutions.