cleanroom technicians working on medical molding machine

Giving Shape to Healthcare Solutions

We manufacture a state-of-the-art platform of mixed molding technologies and embrace scientific molding principles to ensure our processes and controls surpass conventional standards.


With a distinct toolkit of molding technologies unmatched in the industry, we solve your most challenging problems and complex geometries with creative solutions.

medical molding machines

Extensive Capabilities, Exacting Standards

Since 1949, we have manufactured products for the exceedingly stringent medical and healthcare markets. Our experience enables exceptional tight tolerance precision molding, utilizing a variety of engineering resins and other thermoplastics. We can match a customer’s product development and ramp-up profile by going from prototype tooling to bridge tooling to high-cavitation production tooling. Our platform of in-house molding technologies include the following:

  • Injection molding (housing molds with up to 128 cavities)
    • Single-shot molding
    • Multi-shot molding
    • Overmolding
    • Insert molding
    • Stack molding
    • Thin-wall molding
    • In-mold labeling
  • Injection blow molding
  • Extrusion blow molding
  • Injection stretch blow molding
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True Scientific Molding Principles

We develop all our processes utilizing the latest advances in scientific molding principles for unsurpassed process repeatability, resulting in part-to-part consistency that exceeds our customers’ requirements. Our decoupled molding processes achieve long-term stability that outperforms conventional process techniques.

Our cavity pressure monitoring, using the RJG eDart® system, controls and stabilizes production to ensure only the highest quality, most accurate products are manufactured. With RJG eDart® installed on every injection-molding machine, we consistently deliver at a higher level of performance.


view of cleanroom technicians at workstations

Molding Environments

We offer over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space, including pristine cleanroom and white room environments capable of ISO Class 7 and 8 molding and assembly. Our cleanrooms are supported by cutting-edge material-handling capabilities.

Other Capabilities


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