Accelerating your Medical Momentum

To push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare and life sciences, each spark of an idea requires the right support team behind it. As a leading contract manufacturer, Comar Medical complements your team’s capabilities so you can bring high-impact solutions to market.



Diagnostic consumables that enable the detection of disease and medical conditions at clinical labs or points of care.

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Precision-molded components, assemblies, and finished devices that perform as designed in mission-critical hospital and ambulatory scenarios.

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Drug Delivery

Complex components and devices for the professional and patient-controlled administration of medications that extend and improve lives.

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Rely on our full-service manufacturing capabilities for your evolving needs.

Integrated Design and Manufacturing Solutions

Our design and prototyping capabilities, coupled with our production and assembly expertise, allow us to offer creative and innovative manufacturing solutions that accelerate time to market, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

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Leading-Edge Scientific Molding

We embrace industry-leading technology with an RJG eDart® system on every single injection molding press to control and monitor the process and ensure the highest quality, service, and value.

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Open and Available Capacity

Our eleven ISO-Certified Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms and white rooms house molding, automated assembly, and finished packaging capabilities in dedicated and tightly integrated production cells, with room to expand.

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Every project we take on is strategic and not a number. If your scope or direction changes, our size enables us to adjust our approach and resources quickly and decisively to your evolving needs while maintaining speed and quality.

Best-in-Class Engineering

Our engineers are experts in implementing current best practices and exceeding standards. We invest heavily in our teams and equipment so that your results are as advanced as our capabilities.



Partner with Comar to create success—however your project defines it.

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