Delivering Endless Packaging Possibilities

With a deep focus on consumer needs, every solution we create empowers your brand by enabling the delivery of your products and increasing your speed to market. Our experience includes 70 years of evolving stock, made-to-order, and custom-designed packaging and dispensing solutions across a continuum of health and wellness applications.


Omega Packaging is now part of Comar

Purchase of Omega Packaging expands our portfolio of continuous thread (CT) and child-resistant (CR) closures and adds an extensive line of high-quality PP and PET single-, thick-, and double-wall jars.

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Pioneered the glass-to-plastic conversion for nutraceutical bottles.
Number one supplier for dropper assemblies in North America.
Inventor of the two-piece syringe for safe and accurate oral dispensing.
First to market with an accurate and durable printed dosage cup.
Offering the largest selection of wipe canister and lid designs.
First to market with child-resistant dropper closures for nasal and ophthalmic applications.



First to market with child-resistant dropper closures for nasal and ophthalmic applications.

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Nutraceuticals and Supplements

An extensive selection of PET packer bottles and HDPE packer bottles and canisters for packaging nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

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Personal Care

Highly customizable dropper assemblies and packaging solutions for the personal care and cosmetics market.

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Household and Institutional

The broadest range of wipe canisters and lids for cleaning and sterilizing residential and hospital settings.

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Specialty Food and Beverage

Stock and custom bottles that optimize shelf appeal and product stability for retail and food service applications.

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Our process is focused on maintaining the highest quality objectives—customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and operating efficiency.

Supply Security

As an experienced domestic supply chain partner with scale and established relationships, we can eliminate many of your concerns about extended lead times and unexpected shortages due to unforeseen delays.

Quality Assurance

Quality is inherent in every facet of our business—an ethos that has made us market leaders and the preferred supplier of oral syringes, dropper assemblies, bottles, and packers.

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Exceptional Service

We understand that outstanding service is a prerequisite to maintaining your business, and we are here to help with our highly responsive customer service representatives and seasoned sales and manufacturing teams.

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Product Availability

We carry a wide selection of stocked items complemented by industry-best lead times for our made-to-order customizations. Thoughtful planning goes into making sure we have the right product at the right time to meet your needs.

Sustainable Design and Materials

Brand owners and retailers have challenged their supply chains to deliver more sustainable solutions. We manufacture using recyclable resins and offer options with light-weighted designs and up to 100% post-consumer recycled content.



Partner with Comar to create success—however your project defines it.

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