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An Industry Leading Choice of Dropper Assemblies

Comar is the leading manufacturer of dropper assemblies in North America serving the diagnostics, pharmaceutical (Rx & OTC), personal care and beauty markets. Comar dropper assemblies provide a reliable way to measure and dispense viscous liquids and gels accurately. We stock the most popular dropper sizes and can produce 1,700 made-to-order (bulb, closure, pipette) combinations to address any application or dosage need. Additionally, Comar’s SecureCap® closure offers you a child-resistant, senior-friendly closure option. Our competencies in glass forming, injection molding, printing, and automated assembly enable us to deliver exactly what your project needs.

Dropper Assemblies

We stock a selection of droppers with low minimum order requirements to fit the most common bottle sizes: 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz. For custom bottles and applications, select from the following elements to create a unique dropper assembly:

  • Pipette
    • Material – Glass or Plastic
    • Length – interior bottle height will determine it
    • Plain or printed (if printed, what calibrations lines are desired)
  • Bulb
    • Material – TPE or Rubber
    • Size/Draw in cc
    • Color
  • Closure
    • Style – Continuous Thread or SecureCap® Child-Resistant (CR)
    • Neck Finish – bottle will determine it
    • Color

Once you have designed your dropper assembly, we recommend you request samples to confirm the fit and function with your bottle and to check the accuracy of calibrations with your specific product density.

Glass​ Pipette Options

  • Material: T3 (soda-lime) glass tubing most common or T1 (borosilicate) glass tubing upon request​
  • Diameters: 5 mm, 7 mm, and 9 mm​
  • Lengths: 35 mm – 130 mm
  • Glass pipettes are cut in-house to length within a max​
    • 5 mm dia. – longest pipette length is 67 mm​
    • 7 mm dia. – longest pipette length is 115 mm​
    • 9 mm dia. – longest pipette length is 130 mm​
  • Tip Styles: Straight, Blunt and Bent tip​s
  • Calibration Lines: screen printed in black or white ink

Plastic​ Pipette Options

  • Material: LDPE standard or PP upon request​
  • Diameters: 5 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm​
  • Lengths: 39 mm – 160​ mm, dependent on available molds
  • Tip Styles: Straight, Blunt, and Stub tip​s
  • Calibration Lines: ​hot stamped in black or white or with a clear tape for an embossed-look

Bulb Options

  • Materials: TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) or Rubber
  • Material selection based on product-specific compatibility and budget
  • Bulb Draws: 0.2 cc, 0.8 cc, 1 cc, 2 cc, and 2.5 cc
  • Standard Colors: Black and White with custom colors upon request
  • Surface Treatments: none, fluorination (TPE), or chlorination (Rubber)

Closures Options

  • Closure Finish Sizes: 13-415 to 28-400, with custom upon request
  • Styles: Ribbed or smooth sides, or metalized overshells
  • Standard Overshell Colors: White, Black, Matte Silver, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold with custom color match upon request
  • SecureCap® child-resistant closures are available: 20-400, 22-415, 24-400, and 28-400
  • Standard colors: White and Black with custom colors upon request
  • Material: PP (polypropylene)

General Fit Guidelines

  • Pipette with 5 mm diameter fits 13 mm and 15 mm bulb/closure
  • Pipette with 7 mm diameter fits 18 mm, 20 mm, and 22 mm bulb/closure
  • Pipette with 9 mm diameter fits 24 mm and 28 mm bulb/closure

Note: These are general guidelines and may not be applicable in every circumstance. Contact Comar Sales for assistance.


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