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Comar AccuCup® – When Dosing Accuracy is Important!

Molded-embossed markings can be difficult to read; our AccuCup® is imprinted with easy-to-read lines on the outside to increase dosing accuracy. Comar offers a stock AccuCup® design with standard print calibrations for smaller purchase-volume requirements or a standard blank cup design that can be printed with custom calibrations, instructions, and a logo in up to 2 colors. Custom ribs can also be designed into the standard blank cup for a unique cap fit.

Printed Dosage Cups

Features and Options

  • Durable plastic cups with standard mL markings
  • Measurement markings printed with durable FDA-compliant, food-grade inks
  • High contrast, visually easy to read, and measure a proper dose
  • 100% vision inspection for line placement and completeness of print
  • UV-cured inks enable dosage cups to be dishwasher-safe and reusable
  • Printing on the outside avoids contact with medications
  • Standard friction-fit rib design:
    • 20 mL fits several 24 mm CR closures
    • 30 mL fits several 28 mm CR closures
    • 60 mL fits several 38 mm closures (non-CR)
  • Fit compatibility with other closures evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • Use with Tamper-Evident (TE) shrink bands
  • Material: PP (polypropylene)


  • Our blank (unprinted) standard cups can accommodate custom printing for specific measurements, branding, and dosing instructions
  • 360° printing available in up to 2 colors
  • Custom rib designs can modify the cup to accommodate various closure sizes and achieve a perfect bottle fit.

Printed Dosage Spoon

Like our Dosage Cups, our Printed Dosage Spoons feature visually accurate measurement markings for added patient safety.

Features and Options

  • Printed measurement markings for improved visibility
  • Printing is on the outside of the spoon, avoiding contact with medications
  • Vision inspection system assures measurement line placement accuracy
  • Durable air-dried FDA-compliant, food-grade inks make it washable and reusable
  • Custom printing options available

Custom Solutions

Looking for a custom dosing solution? Our highly experienced Innovation and Design Team will work with your unique requirements to design, develop, and manufacture a solution that meets your specific needs!


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Comar Dosage Cups and Spoons

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