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Comar is a global manufacturer of rigid plastic products for the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Consumer Healthcare, Personal & Home Care, Food & Beverage and other niche markets, and is highly sensitive to the responsibility for the health and safety of our employees, the environment, and consumers around the world who use our products.

Our business practices promote social, environmental and economic stewardship and are rooted in our corporate vision and core values. Comar’s guiding principle of “Doing It Right the First Time” is the foundation of the company’s continuous improvement and sustainability efforts and has contributed to our notable achievements in operational excellence. We are committed to proactive safety and wellness measures, responsible environmental practices, and active involvement in charitable community efforts.

Environmental Responsibility

Comar proudly partners with its customers and suppliers to identify ways to reduce our environmental footprint across the packaging supply chain.

Our environmental initiatives include:

  •  Use of post-consumer recycled materials for PET and HDPE products based on customer specifications.
  •  Reducing the amount of plastic in our products through better design and less material usage. Known as “part light-weighting,” this initiative helps our customers save on product costs and meet retailers’ sustainability requirements while minimizing plastic waste sent to landfills.

Comar remains committed to maintaining the long-term viability of our business and promoting the highest environmental standards and practices as a responsible corporate citizen.

Social Responsibility

We recognize our social obligations and our role in the welfare our employees, the communities we do business in, and the customers we serve. We are committed to ensuring that our operations and those of our supply chain have positive impacts on the social and economic welfare of our neighboring communities.

Employee Welfare
Commitment to Employee Well-Being

Comar is committed to our employees’ well-being and fosters both personal and professional development.

Our Wellness Initiative seeks to:

  •    Drive daily thoughts and actions around good health habits for employees and their dependents.
  •    Engage, educate & inform.
  •    Promote preventive care.
  •    Encourage active lifestyles.


Our Professional Development Initiative seeks to:

  • Clarify and continuously validate expectations between the employee and his/her immediate manager
  • Link individual objectives with annual company goals and departmental objectives
  • Provide employees with regular feedback on their contributions toward our business strategy and on their behavior based on Comar’s core values.
  • Encourage employees’ professional development; discuss employee’s career interests; link performance levels to salary increases


Our Culture of Ethics includes:

Internal Relationships
The company does not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, membership or an application for membership in a uniformed service — such as the military or a public health service — or other factors that are unrelated to Comar’s legitimate business interests.

External Relationships
Comar employees are expected to maintain legal and ethical business relationships with suppliers, customers, and competitors that do not influence or give the appearance of influencing the organization’s relationship with Comar.

It is the responsibility of all Comar employees to do their best to safely and accurately deliver our customers’ products to people around the world. All information employees provide relative to our products or services should be clear and accurate.

Employees should always exercise the highest ethical business practices in regard to source selection, negotiation, determination of awards, and the administration of all purchasing activities.

Inspection & Testing
Employees must ensure that Comar products are designed and manufactured to meet the quality criteria of its customers. Inspection and testing documentation must be complete, accurate, and truthful.

Employees must comply with all federal, state, and local environmental protection laws, including the limits contained in permits issued to Comar by those authorities.

Comar employees are responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and comply with all federal, state, and local health and safety laws and regulations.

Commitment to Workplace Safety

Comar’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees as well as its many customers worldwide extremely important. We believe everyone shares the responsibility for safety, and no job is too important or urgent that we cannot take the time to perform it safely. Our equipment, facilities, and work procedures have been specifically designed, developed, and installed with the health and safety of each employee in mind. Each of our facilities has active, behavior-based safety committees driving safe work environments.

Comar safety initiatives include:

“Town Hall” Meetings
Comar’s Senior Leadership Team communicates the company’s safety record and relays its success against targeted safety metrics through quarterly town hall-style meetings attended by all employees.

A Management Safety Committee
Employees from across the organization regularly review safety performance and address safety issues with the objective of fostering daily thoughts and actions centered on safety to minimize risks, risky behavior, and cost.

Speak Up/Listen Up
This program encourages anyone at any level in the organization to reinforce a safe work culture and to share safety feedback to supervisors, managers, or people in other work groups.

Corporate Recognition Programs

Comar’s exemplary safety record has directly impacted the bottom line. By emphasizing prevention of hazards and injuries, we have been able to contain our workers’ compensation insurance premiums and reduce lost workdays due to injury.

At Comar, each individual — from the newest machine operator to the CEO — is held equally accountable for safe work practices and creating a safe workplace. Our culture of safety is reinforced each day as employees step through our headquarters entrance, where the welcome mat reads: “THINK SAFETY.”

Community Engagement

Comar’s sustainability efforts extend to the communities in which its employees live and work. Opportunities are provided for employees to give back to their local communities. Through these experiences, employees gain opportunities to grow personally, have meaningful interactions with people in their local areas, and develop leadership skills they can apply to other aspects of their lives.

Consumer Safety

Comar is a leader in the development of innovative safety features that protect consumers from accidental ingestion and overdosing, among them:

  • AccuCup® printed dosage cups, featuring printed measurement markings for improved visibility. Instead of molded embossed lines that can be difficult to read, Comar prints easy-to-read lines on the outside of the cup and utilizes FDA-compliant, food-grade inks.
  • The DoseGuard® valved bottle adapter system, which features a superior valved adapter design that tightly seals even after repeated use to limit unintentional access to liquid medications by children.
  • SecureCap® child-resistant closure systems, featuring Comar’s two-piece, push-and-turn technology, with proven child-resistant and senior-friendly effectiveness.
  • SecureCap® QuarterLoc® senior friendly, child-resistant closure has the familiar push-and-turn opening in a low cost, one-piece design. The patented design reduces manufacturing complexity and is more environmentally responsible. By providing a secure closure with just a quarter turn, QuarterLoc® is easier to use because it eliminates the potential of thread misalignment and cocked caps.

By tapping into long-term relationships with our customers and key industry regulators, we remain responsive to emerging consumer safety issues in the healthcare marketplace.

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