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Comar Employees Step Up in Fight Against COVID-19

March 26, 2020

As a premier plastic packaging, device and component supplier, Comar is determined to meet the unprecedented challenges that COVID-19 (coronavirus) presents us, our customers, and the patients who count on us all. Now more than ever we are focused on creating innovative solutions for customers who lead the way to a healthier world.

Comar CEO Mike Ruggieri stated, “Comar is a critical component of the global healthcare supply chain, and we are acting that way”. He added, “I am proud of the actions taken by the Comar team to protect the safety of our employees, our customers, and continuity of our business. We are working tirelessly to produce millions of diagnostic testing consumables, fever-reducing dosing and dispensing devices, antibacterial and disinfectant wipe lids and canisters, immune health vitamin packers, and many more medically critical items. We are committed to rising to the occasion to support our customers and the consumers and patients who need us now more than ever!”

In the face of adversity, doubt, and confusion, natural human instincts are fight or flight. At Comar, we have chosen to fight. There is no doubt that every employee understands their role and is dedicated to making a difference. There is a unique understanding from the ground up that we make components that help people, even our own families. This understanding is at the heart of our core values and drives our sense of urgency, commitment to quality, and our innovative spirit. All of Comar’s nine facilities across the United States remain fully operational.

Pete Craig, EVP of Operations at Comar, commented, “We’ve implemented social distancing and other preventative best practices to safeguard our plants and employees. Our attendance rate remains very high, that is a testament to the dedication and effort of our team to respond to this crisis. As our customers increase demand for mission-critical items, we must remain flexible and think outside the box in order the get the job done.”

Comar has our sights set on delivering mission-critical supplies to combat this pandemic and has an immediate and sustained need for people with experience in manufacturing, facility and tool maintenance, or mechanical and plastic processing capabilities. For a full list of available positions go to:


June 5, 2024

Comar Celebrates 75 Years of Innovation

Comar proudly announces its 75th anniversary as a leading contract manufacturer for healthcare companies worldwide and as a leading provider of primary packaging and dispensing products. Founded on the guiding principles of excellence, dedication, and customer-centricity, Comar has established itself as a trusted partner for clients in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Healthcare, Personal & Home

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May 28, 2024

Comar Achieves CE Certification for Medical Devices Under New EU MDR Regulations

Comar, a leading provider of innovative medical devices and packaging solutions, is thrilled to announce a significant achievement. After rigorous preparation, they successfully obtained their CE certificate under the latest EU Medical Device Regulations (EU MDR 2017/745). This certification is a significant milestone, marking Comar’s compliance with the latest European Union medical device standards. The

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September 28, 2022

Comar Announces Brian Larkin as President and Chief Executive Officer

Comar has named Brian Larkin as its new President and Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Mike Ruggieri, who will transition to the Chairman role and remain on the Board of Directors. Under Mr. Ruggieri’s 15 years of leadership, Comar evolved from a single site family-owned business to a professionally backed, multi-national company with expanded customer relationships,

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